How Monique Can Help You

Advising Estate Trustees

Monique can assist estate trustees in obtaining a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee, with or without a Will. She will work to advise trustees on how to best protect themselves and their beneficiaries in all aspects of the administration of an estate.

Fiduciary Services

Monique has extensive experience in acting as an Estate Trustee and as an Estate Trustee during litigation. She can assist in all aspects of the administration of an estate.

Wills And Powers Of Attorney

Monique ensures her clients are prepared and have their affairs in order. She is experienced with drafting Wills, “Living Wills,” Powers of Attorney for Property and Powers of Attorney for Personal Care.

Helping And Locating Beneficiaries

Monique can assist beneficiaries to understand the distribution of a deceased’s assets. Monique also has unique and specialized expertise in locating missing beneficiaries.

Estate Litigation

Monique does not provide litigation services directly, but will refer litigation matters to other lawyers based on her client’s needs.